Brain Fog Cure – Best Natural Cures for Brain Fog

brain fog cureUnderstanding the reason of your foggy brain is important before deciding upon choosing a brain fog cure. There may be medical causes at play, thus by addressing those health condition correctly can help to get rid of your brainfog. Here we will discuss some of the best natural cures for brain fog, based on the more common causes, to help you to find a way to cure it for good.

The best approach initially is to start a nutritional balancing program. If you are lucky the symptoms start improving in a few weeks on a nutritional balancing program. All that may be needed is to clean up one’s diet. Just eliminating sugar, wheat, fruit and a few other foods from the diet can do a lot in some cases, often in matter of days, in fact. It is a highly recommended brain fog cure to start with…

Brain Fog Cure – Using Chlorella to Detoxify the Body by Dr. Oz

Currently the best available resources of Chlorella:

organic broken cell wall chlorella dr mercolaMercola- Organic Broken Cell Wall Chlorella 1 bottle
chlorella 4.5 star rating
Dr. Mercola is a highly regarded doctor in natural medicine and he has help many people to overcome health problems using his knowledge and his highly recommended products…


  • Promotes natural detoxification in your body
  • Supports digestive system health, including regular and normal elimination
  • Assist in supporting your ability to focus and concentrate
  • Help maintain a healthy pH balance
  • Optimal support provision for your immune system

organic chlorella powder greenfoods100% Certified Organic Chlorella Powder
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Superfoods Certified Organic Chlorella delivers with organic purity guaranteed. Like with all their high-quality chlorella products, the cell wall is broken to ensure release of all important nutrients, including 30 mg of chlorophyll and 1,040 IU of beta carotene per serving…


  • Certified organic chlorella means purity you can trust
  • Delivers the amazing nutritional powerhouse of broken cell wall chlorella
  • Offers 1,040 IU of beta carotene and 30 mg of chlorophyll per serving

raw chlorella spirulina superfoodsUltimate Superfoods Raw Chlorella/Spirulina
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This chlorella by Superfoods is produced in Asia by the world’s largest producers of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. This algae has been utilized for thousands of generations, which insures the integrity of the strain’s purity will stay intact without degenerating…


  • Raw Chlorella/Spirulina
  • is a fresh water, single-cell green algae that’s renowned for its health giving properties
  • has an abundance of RNA & DNA that are associated with anti-aging.
  • promotes cell reproduction, reduces cholesterol, and increases hemoglobin levels.
  • has been used successfully in the treatment of cardiac hypertension and cleansing the bowel, kidneys, liver, and bloodstream.


Also remember that certain events in your life can trigger mental fog to occur, not just certain nutritional issues, health conditions or chemicals you can be exposed to. It may be good to have a journal or notepad handy and use it to write down the periods of time when your brain fog is heavier or lighter. Then make a note of the events which may have triggered this change. This can help to find the right course to take as part of finding the right brain fog cure for you.

Just as there are triggers which can increase the symptoms of a chronic illness there are also triggers which increase the severity of brain fog.

Not all Cures for Brain Fog are Equal

As mentioned earlier there are various medical conditions that can cause cloudiness of consciousness, like low estrogen for example which you may never have thought of. Although most brain fog symptoms can be treated similarly it can be important to keep in mind that certain illnesses may require a different remedy.

brain fog cure

Cure for Brain Fog

Aggressive detoxification therapies commonly deployed for brain fog include enemas, cleanses, flushes, infrared sauna, acupuncture, reflexology, deep tissue massage, nutritional supplementation , herbs, chelation etc.

It is advised to just begin a complete program to re-balance and strengthen your body chemistry. This is done through ‘Nutritional balancing’…

One of the best books written on this subject is a book  by Dr. Lawrence D. Wilson, whom is an expert on the field of dealing with brain fog among many other health conditions in a natural way…

dr wilson nutritional balancing hair mineral analysisNutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis
by Dr. Lawrence D. Wilson

chlorella 4.5 star rating

Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis is an excellent introduction to the subject for practitioners and for the general public as well. Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a medical degree and has been in private practice specializing in nutritional balancing science for 23 years. He has reviewed over 20,000 mineral analyses and coached thousands back to health, including brain fog, using the methods he writes about…


To find out more you can read Dr. Wilson’s Introduction To Nutritional Balancing.

Adrenal Fatigue Brain Fog

Another important health condition that can cause brain fog is adrenal fatigue. In the following video adrenal expert Dr. lam explains more…

Dr. Lam also wrote an excellent book on the subject of adrenal fatigue syndrome…

adrenal fatigue brain fog dr lamAdrenal Fatigue Syndrome – Reclaim Your Energy and Vitality with Clinically Proven Natural Programs
by Dr. Lam

chlorella 4.5 star rating

This book includes Dr. Lam’s comprehensive Online Recovery Module (ORM) containing hours of addition exclusive audio, video, and written material to guide you in your recovery. The buyer also receives Bonus Gifts worth $45…


Hypothyroidism Brain Fog

This is another big cause of a foggy brain and is also recognised by both Dr.Wilson and Dr.Lam. One of the better  programs, which has been successfully used by thousands around the world to heal their hypothyroidism, was developed by Tom Brimeyer.

hypothyroidism revolution tom brimeye

Tom Brimeye creator & author of hypothyroidism revolution

He is a practitioner of functional medicine, health researcher, and author on nutrition, hormones, and hypothyroidism.With his new program ‘Hypothyroidism Revolution‘, he has helped thousands of people to naturally overcome their hypothyroidism, cure brain fog and other hormonal imbalances that are responsible for so many diseases today including chronic fatigue, obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, food allergies, adrenal fatigue, fertility issues, osteoporosis, autoimmune, and even cancer, all of which can be easily prevented according to Tom.

Please watch his Free presentation where he reveals his 3 step hypothyroidism treatment process

These are at present the latest brain fog cures based on the more common causes of a foggy mind and lack of mental clarity.

Use the info here and look around the site to find out more and to understand if you suffer from brain fog and if so to find the best natural treatment. Here is another article about brain fog cure on Wikipedia, start implementing the info you find here and you should quickly start to recover from your fuzzy mind symptoms.